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Our Safety!
We follow simple rules – we are never alone in the house. All our rooms have rape alarms and we will not hesitate to use them and call the police.
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What about hygiene?
We do reserve the right to cancel an appointment when you turn up if we are unhappy about your personal hygiene.

What's out of bounds?
Please remember this simple rule... if we say YES then we mean YES... if we say NO then we mean NO – no discussion!

Can I kiss you?
Of course! Spending time with us is like being with a girlfriend so of course you can kiss us! However, we do expect you to have the same high standard of oral hygiene as we do – sorry, but if you don't then we will not indulge in 'snogging your face off'!

Can I take my own photos or video?
Sorry, No. We all have private lives so we don't allow any photos or video during appointments.